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Our Story


So, here's the deal – we're just regular folks who love throwing outdoor get togethers with our friends and loved ones. You know the scene: the sun's shining, the grill's sizzling, and the table's all set with great dishes. But dang it, those pesky bugs and unpredictable weather keep trying to crash your party!

Well, that got us thinking. Why not put an end to this outdoor dining dilemma? That's where Safe-T-Sirv comes in – a super simple clear lid that fits right on your pans, with a bristle design to keep your serving utensil in the pan! No more shooing flies, crumpled foil or plastic wrap, and no more dirty serving spoons. Just good times with great food.

Whether you're having a BBQ in the backyard or a lazy picnic by the lake, we're here to make sure nothing messes with your meal. So grab a lid, slap it on and get back to enjoying the simple pleasures of food, family and the great outdoors. Here's to good vibes and bug-free bites.



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